How I made my lifestyle Sustainable

We scroll through many posts on Instagram about Climate Change, Global Warming, Sustainability. We share them on our profiles too, but it needs more than attention. This particular issue needs solutions from everyone, needs practice by many, needs to be a lifestyle of the current generation. It is not about trending this lifestyle but to create a safe environment for future generations, just like our ancestors did.

It’s time to start doing something, even if it is a small step. I have been doing few things which I want to share.

Initially I thought what difference would it make if I don’t do, but I realized what difference it can make if I do.

  1. I replaced my toiletries with wooden brush and iron tongue cleaner, Shampoo bars.
  2. I started using bucket instead of shower. It saves 50% of water every time I bath.
  3. I stopped purchasing jeans, been 3 years. I am left with one last jeans. Manufacturing one jeans cost 10000 litres of water.
  4. I started carrying my own water bottle everywhere to avoid buying plastic water bottle. This is major contribution to pollution if we don’t realize.
  5. I carry a bag in bike to avoid taking plastic bags, I try to educate the vendors to avoid plastic but that’s the cheapest that they got. Poverty wins.
  6. I stopped consuming meat since 2 years for it’s footprint on environment. Meat and Dairy industries are more harmful than vehicle emissions.
  7. I stopped consuming dairy for all the cruelty and non-sustainable practices in dairy farms.
    Along with these I am trying to make other changes in my lifestyle, again one step at a time. I planted a Neem tree for using wood for brush, giving back to take again.

These are the areas that I explored and can be done by a common person. If you would like to contribute to the nature for what she has been for us since we are here, please explore and try changing the lifestyle to an eco-friendly.

A small brush can make difference, skipping a small meat meal can make difference, sharing this post can also make difference, any step towards sustainable lifestyle helps the environment if we do it as a collective.

I never thought it would be possible to live life like this, without Biryani, without comforts, but change is quite possible, especially for a better good. Life is better now, trust me.

Thanks from bottom of my heart and earth if you have read till here. We are grateful for your time. Hope you make difference.

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